Saturday 4 November 2017

'Our Success Story of 20 years at Adam&Eve'

Mrs Modupe Ogunlesi, attending to guests during the opening of the on going The Content - Harmattan Edition Art Exhibition at Adam&Eve/


One of Nigeria's leading luxury item shops, Adam&Eve continues its yearly tradition of Festival of Carols. Holding on Sunday at,  November 12, 2017, at Adam&Eve Shop, 8, Isaac John Str, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, the 2017 edition marks 20 years of its existence as a leading luxury shop in Nigeria.
 Founder, Adam&Eve, Mrs Modupe Ogunlesi described her two decades of running the business as "providing quality and luxury to discerning clientele." It is alsIo "20 years of satisfying the needs of a discerning clientele."
 She took pride in the fact that "we have been surviving through the words of mouth."
 For the yearly Carol event, she ex
plained that it has been a way to say  "thank you to our customers."
 Sharing her experience with select guests, few days ago, Ogunlesi, a chattered accountant recalled how she was advised to employ foreigners for better results. "I was advised to employ South Africans, Indonesians etc. But I believe in Nigerians; so luckily I have a very efficient 30 staff members."
 Currently, Ogunlesi  is proudly Nigerian. "I feel more fulfilled now. I have been able to stay this long because I have not been too ambitious."
On sticking to imported goods: "I have stuck to importation because I love quality... Her principle: "if I can't use it, I can't sell it."
 The Festival of Carol, she said, is designed as nine lesson. But for 2017, there is something new. "This year I am looking at a shorter version." And the event "is all females, featuring among others, actress Joke Jacobs." She promised that on the day of the Carols, "there will be 10 percent discounts for customers of Adam&Eve."
 She recalled how the business started from a store measuring about 15 square feet in 1997. But currently, Adam&Eve has grown to becoming an expansive structure built  on about an acre of land in Ikeja,  capital city of Lagos, Africa's sixth largest economy.
 Adam&Eve started as wedding gifts shop for couples and then moved to kitchen equipment and dining.
Excerpt from Adam&Eve @ 20:
"A proven leader in the retail store industry, Adam&Eve has achieved 20 years of continuous operation in an unpredictable economic environment that has witnessed the rise and demise of several big retailers and retail chains (Leventis stores, Chellarams, etc are just a few that come to mind). This is no mean feat by any standard! And this has been achieved without compromising the quality of the products on offer, delivered on a platform of the excellent customer service the store is known for.
Adam&Eve is the brainchild of Mrs Modupe Ogunlesi, a chartered Accountant and entrepreneur extraordinaire. Over the years, she has nurtured the store into becoming, without doubt, the foremost retailer of high-end homeware and luxury items. The store consists of several deparments - Kitchen, Dinning, Bedroom, Leather, Gift, Children, Outdoor, Living. A walk through the entire store could take upwards of an hour due to the abundance of quality items that  engage the attention – exquisite dinner sets and uniquely crafted cutlery that transform a meal into an event; luxuriant Persian rugs; rich leather cases and accessories; multitudes of exquisite décor pieces;….the list goes on and on.  
Whether it is an item needed to create the right ambience for the various spaces in our lives (home, office, etc); an exquisite gift for a High-end client/customer; leather cases for work or travel;… Adam & Eve is certainly the place to shop.
 "To commemorate this important landmark, the store is hosting its annual Christmas Carol in its premises at 8, Isaac John Street, GRA, Ikeja, alongside the Harmattan edition of its flagship Art exhibition titled “The Content” which runs till December 15th and features the works of some of the most exciting Nigerian visual artists of their time. It promises to be an event to remember."

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