Sunday 17 September 2017

At Mydrim, 'Ascension' of Ejoh, Jefferson

Grom Jefferson Jonathan, Evening Breeze II, 18 x 21 Inches,   Pastel on Paper, 2016
Followers of Wallace Ejoh and Jefferson Jonathan have a window to keep tracking the artists' progression as as Ascension, their joint art exhibition opens from September 20 to October 6, 2017 at Mydrim Gallery, Ikoyi, Lagos.
 Ejoh, who graduated and specialised in painting from from Yaba College of Technology, Lagos was in 2016, a participants at a cultural exchange group exhibition, which took place in Zoetermeer, Holland.
 Ahead of opening of Ascension, Ejoh noted that the value of art in Nigeria has appreciated as more auctions are being held. “We have TKMG auction

that come up once every year and Arthouse Auction, as well as Signature Gallery auction, which all hold here in Lagos," he States during the preview of the exhibition. "Many years back, there were no auction houses, and I believe this development is due to the growth in the appreciation of Nigerian art.”
  Jonathan is a realism painter with focus on  landscape and streetscape.
“After my solo exhibition in 2011, I felt it was needful to come up with something else," he states during the preview. "In the interim, I had to come together with my colleague, Wallace Ejoh, to have a two-man show in order to fill in the gap."
Jefferson described himself and Ejoh as "mid-career artists, but masters in our own rights, given our choice of medium." We are well known to the art community; we are not just beginning or starting off. We have paid our dues and have been in this profession for long.”

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