Sunday 27 October 2013

Foremost wartime and sports journalist, Obe, laid to rest

Peter Oyeyemi Obe (1932 -1913)
The remains of foremost Nigerian photojournalist, Peter Oyeyemi Obe (1932 -1913), were laid to rest on Friday at his hometown Igbara-Oke, Ifedore Local Council, Ondo State.

Obe’s career spanned civil war time Nigeria as a chief photographer at the then government-owned Daily Times newspapers. His work dominated the photo imagery account of the civil war. But Obe was later more famous as a sport photojournalist whose presence – always in white Yoruba danshiki – was regularly conspicuous at stadia across the country, and abroad during crucial football matches. 

Obe died September 1, 2013, aged 81, at his residence 31, Moronu Street, Surulere, Lagos.

One of his children, Femi Obe recalled his father’s dedication to work:“I remember when the Cocoa House in Ibadan was burning, we got the information around 10 pm and he went to Ibadan that very night and got back around 2 am.  And the pictures were splashed on the front pages of the paper early that morning.”

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