Wednesday 14 November 2012

Would you pay a dime for this painting sold for $75.1m?

Mark Rothko's No 1 (Royal Red and Blue) fetched $75.1 m at Sotheby's 
A painting by abstract artist Mark Rothko has fetched $75.1 million (£47.2m) at an auction in New York.
Rothko's No 1 (Royal Red and Blue), described by Sotheby's as "a seminal, large-scale masterpiece", was the subject of a heated bidding war.

The price far exceeded the pre-sale estimate of $35m-$50m (£22m-£31.4m) but fell short of the record $86.9m (£54.6m) a Rothko fetched in May.

1 comment:

  1. So who bought it?!

    Then, why do (s)he think that work is worth that amount.