Sunday 4 December 2011


Onaism founded by a group of artists, not one’

A common position on the controversy over the origin of Onaism seems not in sight. Reason: one of its proponents, Tola Wewe has dismissed the argument that one individual founded the movement.

  Wewe responded, for the first time, since Moyo Okediji, in an article titled Beyond Dispute: Origins, Travails of Ona and published in leading Nigerian dailies, claimed that he founded Onaism.

  In response, one of the leading exponents of Onaism, Dr Kunle Filani wrote an article titled Ona Trajectory: The Disputable Claims of A Traducer.

 During a chat with art writers after the opening of his solo exhibition, Footnotes, at Nike Gallery, Lekki Lagos, on Saturday, December 3, 2011, Wewe stated that the founding of Onaism was a group effort. In fact he stressed that “five people formed the Ona group. My position has always been that it was a group thing. My theory is that no one person can form a group.”  

   Wewe however promised a reconciliation through group art exhibition of all “leading onaists” being proposed to hold next year.

Details in The Guardian and on this site, soon.

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