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February-March 2024

Kelly Omodamwen’s solo art exhibition titled Beyond Mimesis, which showed from February 24-March 3, 2024, at Signature Beyond Art Gallery, Ikoyi, Lagos got reviews from our media partners in leading Nigerian newspapers.

Vanguard Omodamwen's fresh bronze captures contemporary sculpture

Sun: Omodamwen's Beyond Mimesis' unfurls fresh sculpture 

A-ARTs: From Benin bronze ancestry, Omodamwen brings fresh sculpture


Publicity for ArtMiabo International Art Festival AMIAF 2024 has taken off.

Update soon…


November 2023: When Signature Beyond Art Gallery had its 2023 Sogal Art Auction, on Sunday, November 12, 2023 published previews were done by our regular media partners in leading Nigerian newspapers (print and online).

November 2023: When Kola Dairo made his debut solo art exhibition at Signature Beyond Art Gallery, media preview and review covered the exhibition
Vanguard: Celebrating abstract art in Rothko of Kola Dairo
•Tribune: ‘Rothko’: IK Dairo’s grandson announces self with solo debut
•New Telegraph: Interplay of fresh, vibrant colours, abstract forms in Kola Dairo Rothko
•A-ARTs: Fresh colours from abstract art in ‘Rothko’ of Kola Dairo
•Channels TV: Interview & coverage during opening of Rothko of Kola Dairo

November 2023: How media preview & review captured Joshua Nmesirionye’s ‘Symphony’ exhibition, shown at Yenwa Gallery.

•Vanguard: Nmesirionye’s Symphony showing at Yenwa Gallery
•The Nation: Symphony of boundless colours
•ThisDay: After two decades of art practice, Joshua Nmesirionye makes a solo statement
•A-ARTs: Nmesirionye’s Symphony of boundless lines at Yenwa Gallery
•Channels TV: Interview with Joshua Nmesirionye at Yenwa Gallery.

October 2023. Artist, Anthony Azekwoh’s solo art exhibition titled ‘There Is A Country’ opened at Yenwa Gallery, Muri-Okunola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. Curated by Ugonna Ibe, ‘There Is a Country’, the show had previews and reviews from: #TheGuardian
#A-ARTs (online).

September 2023
Yakubu Kareem’s debut solo exhibition titled Ghetto Impressions, which opened September 23, 2023 at Signature Beyond Art Gallery, Ikoyi, Lagos enjoyed great preview and review from our media partners.

September 2023
September 2023
Dauda Mohammed’s solo art exhibition titled Toys For Troys opened on September 2, ending 12, 2023 at Signature Beyond Art Gallery, 107, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos Island.
Our media partners supported in publicising the exhibition.
#Vanguard newspaper
#Sun newspaper
#Guardian newspaper
#TheNation newspaper
#Channels TV
#A-ARTs online

From November 2022-May/June 2023, ArtMiabo’s 2023 edition was extensively publicised.
On behalf of ArtMiabo, we thank our media partners for being part of another successful edition of AMIAF. #Vanguard
#The Nation
#Channels TV
#New Telegraph
#The Luxury Reporters
As artist, Dauda Mohammed’s solo art exhibition titled Toys For Troys opened on September 2, ending 12, 2023 at Signature Beyond Art Gallery, 107, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos Island,we thank our media partners for supporting in publicising the exhibition.
#Vanguard newspaper
#Sun newspaper
#Guardian newspaper
#TheNation newspaper
#Channels TV
#A-ARTs online.

February 2023. When Tribes Art Gallery (TAAG) exhibition titled ‘Ode to Yesteryears’, celebrated Black History Month 2023, opened on Artsy, from February 3 to March 1, 2023, Translucent S.I. handled the publicity. 

December 2022
Fresh artist, Bukola Orioye’s profile got boost from Translucent S.I’s media management expertise.

November /December 2022.
Though holding in 2023, the publicity for the 2nd edition of ArtMiabo International Art Festival took off late in 2022.

October 2022.

Olumide Oresegun. 

Olumide Oresegun’s art in its current depth and expansive sojourn on the international space.

In Oresegun’s hyperrealism strokes, fresh contemporary textures pulsate
-Vanguard, September 26, 2022

Oresegun’s brush strokes stride across the globe
-The Nation, October 9, 2022.

Expanding African, diaspora art with Oresegun’s paintings
-Sun, 4th November 2022

Stepping out of crowded black art with distinct Oresegun’s skills
-A-ARTs, 29 October 2022

October 2022. Nojeem Muse showed Nature Sensation while Aguh Chibuzo exhibited Portraits of Emotion, as the two solos opened on October 1, 2022, closing end of the month at Signature Beyond Art Gallery, 107, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lago.

 September 2022. 
During the press preview of ‘Through My Lens’, a group art exhibition featuring works of Bunmi Oyesanya, Taiye Erewele. Naomi Oyeniyi, Nelly Idagba, Funmi Arabambi, Ogochukwu Ejiofor and Faith Michael.
 In the picture: Artists Arabambi, Faith, Ejiofor, Mrs Modupe Ogunlesi (The Content Art Gallery proprietress), Oyeniyi and Erewele, speaking with our media partners from Vanguard, Sun, The Nation, Luxury Reporters and A-ART’s.

July 2022. Profile publicity for artist, Emeka Ilechukwu’s art enjoyed review and critique from our media partners Vanguard, Sun, Tribune and A-ART’s (online).

Ilechukwu’s inspirational painting, welded metal
Sun, 1st July 2022

Ilechukwu’s art dissecting opposing forces of life
-Vanguard, July 2, 2022.

Ilechukwu’s Inspirational Painting, Welded Metal
-Tribune, July 10, 2022.

Striking critical, populist balance in Ilechukwu’s art
-A-ARTs, Friday, 15 July 2022

May-June 2022:

At the opening of Wallace Ejoh’s Impressions De Novo, at Signature Beyond Art Gallery, 107, Awolowo Road Ikoyi Lagos.
Again, we thank the top and leading newspapers and TV station as our media partners for the pre-event and post-event publicity of the exhibition.

Impressions De Novo: Ejoh’s debut solo after 20 years
-Vanguard, May 16, 2022.

Ejoh unveils Impressions de Novo at Signature Beyond
-Sun, 20th May 2022.

Ejoh demonstrates Impressions Du Novo at Signature
-The Nation, June 12, 2022.

Ejoh’s 20-year research on colours, unveils ‘Impressions De Novo’ at Signature Beyond
-A-ARTs, Saturday, 21 May 2022

May 2022. As usual we got our media partners to support Oluwatosin Toromade and Temitayo Badru’s ‘Two Sides Of A Coin – Me & Him’ exhibition at Art Pantheon, Oniru, Lagos. 

Two Sides Of A Coin: Art Pantheon showcases Toromade, Badru’s genius.

Art Pantheon Gallery squares up Toromade and Badru in Me, Him, exposing ‘Two Sides Of A Coin.

Fresh move to regenerate tradition, identity at Art Pantheon.

Toromade, Badru revisits tradition, identity in Me and Him.

‘Two Sides Of A Coin’…Toromade, Badru regenerate identity.

April-May 2022: ArtMiabo International Festival of recycled art converges artists from Africa and Europe from Friday, April 29-May 1, 2022, at EbonyLife Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos. Don’t miss seeing works of Dr Bruce Onobrakpeya and over 20 other artists at the event.

 Onobrakpeya, others from Africa, Europe for recycled art festival in Lagos.

Over 20 artists from Africa Europe storm Lagos for recycled art festival

 ArtMiabo Festival berths in Lagos

 Onobrakpeya, other artists from Africa, Europe for ‘first’ recycled art festival.

April 2022:  Adeola Balogun’s 13th solo art exhibition goes ‘Transmogrification’ on Saturday, April 16, @ Signature Beyond Art Gallery, Lagos.

Balogun transfigures objects at Signature

Transmogrification, Balogun sculpts, paints for environment, technology

With Transmogrification, Adeola Balogun raises tech alarm

Critics, artists, historians scale Adeola Balogun’s Transmogrification

March 2022. Designer and architect, Adedapo Paul Akintunde’s solo exhibition titled Autovista: African Vehicle Visions, at The Art Pantheon, Oniru, Lagos.

Art Pantheon unleashes Akintunde’s auto-inspired futuristic art

With Autovista, Akintunde charts pathway for Nigeria’s automobile-industry

Art Pantheon lifts Akintunde’s Autovista of futuristic design

Akintunde’s strokes of futuristic car designs lift African contents

March 2022. Mid-March, Oluwafemi Otoki’s solo art exhibition of masterpieces paintings titled ‘This Land Is Not For Sale’ showed at Signature Beyond Art Gallery, Ikoyi, Lagos.

'This land is not for sale’, Oluwafemi Otoki insists with artwork

Signature Beyond unveils This Land Is Not For Sale

As Otoki’s ‘This Land Is Not For Sale opens at Signature Beyond Gallery

In Otoki’s This Land Is Not For Sale’, nature blossoms on canvas

March 2022. A solo art exhibition by an anonymous artist, ‘Ijalobomo’ titled PHCN-II (Please Help Save Nigeria).

Anonymous artist, Ijalobomo’s Braider…’ 

Ijalobomo returns with PHCN-II to save Nigeria

To rescue Nigeria, Ijalobomo’s art goes ‘braiders’ not ‘Raiders’ 

February/March 2022: Translucent S.I. is the publicity agency for a new entrant NXT.ART Fair, held at Landmark Event Centre, Lekki, Lagos, February from 28-March 4, 2022.

February/March 2022: 

‘Next of Kin’ art competition and exhibition, holding in March 29, 2022.

Next of Kin storms Pyramid 

Next of Kin unfurls future masters 

February-March 2022.

Ijalobomo’s PHCN (Please Help Save Nigeria II).., showing at Didi Museum, February 26-March, 4, 2022.

January 2022: Artist, Wanger Ayu had her parts of a December 2021 duo  exhibition publicised.

Wanger Ayu, finding fortune in contemporary, native art

Wanger Ayu steps out in contemporary, native art

With mixed media, Ayu finds expression in Weaving Identity

Fashion designer Wanger Ayu brings native texture into contemporary art

December 2021:

 ‘A Room With All Our Things’, a group art exhibition of works by Toju Clarke, Abisola Gbadamosi, Tolulope Daramola, Paul Ayihawu and Samuel Vittu. The exhibition opened on Sunday, 12, December, showed till 26, 2021, at The Art Pantheon Gallery, 12D Bosun Adekoya Street, Oniru, Lagos.Our media partners for the exhibition were The Nation, ThisDay, Vanguard The Luxury Reporter, Tribune and A-ARTs.

November 2021. On November 5, The Content: 2nd Harmattan Edition, a group art exhibition opened and showed till December 12 at Adam&Eve, GRA, Ikeja.

Our media partners for the exhibition include: Vanguard, ThisDay, The Guardian, The Nation, A-ARTs and The Luxury Reporter.

October 2021. Olayemi Fagbohungbe’s debut solo, ‘Blaque.’

When The Art Pantheon, Lekki, Lagos showed Olayemi Fagbohungbe’s debut solo, ‘Blaque,’ from October 10-17, 2021, it was a celebration of new contemporary textures in moulded metal art.

BUSSINESSDAY, The Guardian, Vanguard, Sun, TRIBUNE and African Arts with Taj gave media supports to ‘Blaque’.

October 2021Translucent S.I. congratulates Signature Beyond Gallery and artist, Segun Akano on the successful exhibition of ‘9Gems’.

We thank our media partners:
-The Nation.
-Channels TV.
-African Arts with Taj.

Visual arts appreciation soars as Art Pantheon debuts with Adeyinka Akingbade’s State of Mind 

June 2021. Lagos art lovers had appreciation taste of U.S-returnee, Ugo Agoruah in his solo art.exhibition ‘Finding Forever’, shown at Nimbus Gallery, Ikoyi and Iwalewa Gallery, Lekki, Lagos.

How Agoruah’s art of Finding Forever beamed hope into the future

Agoruah debuts in solo with Finding Forever at Nimbus 

From abroad, fresh strokes of Agoruah’s Finding Foreever texturises Lagos art 

 VIDEO: How Ugo Agoruah made his debut solo Finding Foreever in Lagos.

May, 2021. Signature Beyond Gallery pulled a double with two solo art exhibitions in one space and the same showing duration. 

Discarded metal art works adorn Signature      

Signature Innovates with  ark metal art

WhySignature Beyond Gallery shows metal art of Ogbeyemi, Ibiok’s paintings

From Signature Gallery, Ark Meta Art, Talkless Talk embrace the world

New milestone in automobile art at Signature Gallery

April 2021. Thought Pyramid Art Centre’s Transcendence art exhibitio of two artists.

Thought Pyramid Unleashes Duo Show Transcendence

Ikechukw, Allison transcending with transcendence

Transcendence: Taking Outstanding Talents Higher

Allison, Ezeigwe In Transcendence Art Art of Ezeigwe Allison In Transcendence

April 2021: A two-artist exhibition of Dr Sukanthy Egharevba and CDr lem Akpang titled Creolization in Calabar, Cross Rivers State.


Creolization art exhibition in Calabar

The Creolization art tour of Egharevba, Akpang

Creolisation- Egharevba. Akpan stun Calabar

When Egharevba, Akpang Celebrated Creolisation

UAE-based Nigerian author, Ifeanyi Amadi’s books titled The Chemical Poems of Ayatollah Khameni and Tourist Un Wahala  Land were launched in Lagos. Translucent S.I. managed the effective media contents if the publicity.  

Hunger for revolutionary change inspired-my writings amadi

‘I wasted 10 years to publish my books in U.S’ Tourist In Wahala Land Amad Iinterrogates Corruption

Amad’s poetic journey through shadow of ‘Ayatollah Khameni’

Jan-Feb, 2021. Lumin-Artica’s current project, Oranyan Heritage Foundation’s Black Women In History Museum has been attracting media attention based on media contents management skills of Translucent S.I.

Black Women In History Museum glows in Oyo

Oyo Monarch Kicks off Oranyan Heritage Foundation, Museum at 50th Golden Jubilee Anniversary

Alaafin to flag off foundation, museum at 50th coronation anniversary

Alaafin Flags Off Oranyan Heritage Foundation, museum

50th Anniversary: Alaafin To Lay Foundation For Museum of Black Women In History 2 months ago

Nov-Dec 2020.  Print media publicities for 2020 gathering of welded metal artists group exhibition titled Ajorin;Dancemetalphor and organised by Thought Pyramid Art Centre, Lagos.

Ajorin; Dncemetalphor Deepens Metal Art Knowledge

Five Artists Make-History In Ajorin;dancemetalphor

Welded Metal Artists Showcase Uniqueness In Ajorin

From ajorin artists, fresh metal lifts contemporary art

Leading Nigerian sculptors make metallic statement with Ajorin

Dancemetalphor hits Lagos

2. As Translucent S.I provides critical contents for art, our director, Mr Tajudeen Sowole wrote the review for exhibition catalogue of Ajorin; Dancemetalphor. CATALOGUE FULL

Oct-Nov 2020.  When Signature Beyond Gallery, Lagos had its sixth Sogal Art Auction, Translucent S.I. again was the media manager of the 2020 edition.

Virtuoso artworks for grab at Sogal auction

Enwonwu, Barber, Oshinowo for 6th Sogal art auction

Sept-Dec-2019.  Mr Tajudeen Sowole of Translucent S.I. handled the copyediting  of newly published novel titled ‘The Eternal Substitute’.

Story of three women under prosecution for being rebellious against the norms of the society… READ MORE

May 2020.  Veteran film producer/director, Matthew Simpa’s publicities under Translucent S. I.

Nollywood will recover after lockdown- Simpa

Post-lockdown advice for Nollywood from veteran filmmaker, Simpa

Mathew Simpa: Collaboration will help Nollywood recover after lockdown

Media management of Steve Ekpenisi’s ‘Diary of the Iron Bender- show (February 2020).

Steve Ekpenisi’s Diary of the Iron Bender

Ekpenisi’s Diary of the Iron Bender opens at Signature

Ekpenisi shows Diary of the Iron Bender

From socio-cultural value, Ekpenisi moulds Diary of the Iron Bender

Nov-Dec 2019. Last December, Segun Aiyesan’s solo art exhibition titled Dymentiona was on the list of art events under Translucent S.I.’s media management.

 Chinedu Ogakwu’s Illimite-II art exhibition got media promotion management of Trasnlucent S.I. in November/December 2019.

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