Saturday 27 March 2021

Amadi's poetic journey through shadow of 'Ayatollah Khameni'

Ifeanyi Amadi. Pic: c/o Ifeanyi Amadi,

AFTER getting inspiration of resistance from the 1979 Iranian Revolution, Ifeanyi Amadi has some thoughts to share. From being a student at University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, in post-Iranian revolution, to his passion in patriotism towards change for his country, Amadi seemed to have something in common with the late Ayatollah of Iran and other icons of revolt across the world.

Amadi's book titled The Chemical Poems of Ayatollah Khameni loosely celebrates the resistance spirit of the Iranian people in a context of poetry. Launched at Win Arc Gallery, Peace Estate,  Baruwa Ipaja, in Lagos few days ago with another of Amadi's book titled Tourist in Wahala' Land, it is a collection of poems, which the author disclosed was "written mostly from a laboratory at the University of Port Harcourt."

Amadi was a student activist at University of Port Harcourt while aspiring to be a scientist. He recalled how the writing of the poem was inspired for being also known then to be keen about revolutionary figures, writings and events. "I also harbored a restless revolutionary spirit and fervor, even desiring a revolution for my own country."  whose ceaseless corruption and inept leadership continue to impede her political greatness and economic advancement."