Saturday 26 November 2022

Romance drama, 'Ito Okunrin (Man's Spittle) premieres in Lagos

...features Kenny Kujore, Adegboyega Sosanya and Titilope Adeboye.
Adegboyega Sosanya (as husband, Benson Komolafe) and actress, Titilope Adeoye (as wife) in 'Ito Okunrin.'  
THE premiere of the latest Matthew Simpa film titled 'Ito Okunrin', directed by Abiodun Bankole, will take place at Sky Cinema, Lekki, Lagos, on December 16, 2022. 

The premiere holds during the prestigious Lagos International Film Festival. Kenny Kujore, Adegboyega Sosanya and Titilope Adeboye (Ajoke Amodedun) are among the leads in 'Ito Okunrin'.

'Ito Okunrin' is a romantic drama that has a lot of humour and at the same time many passions, intrigue, and power struggles.

'Ito Okunrin' is also a film on domestic violence with the man at the receiving end. The dramatic core of 'Ito Okunrin' shows that, against the stereotypes, the man is the victim of intriguing situations. 

Benson Komolafe (played by Adegboyega Sosanya), is the abused man who falls in love with a young beautiful lady. Though a Yoruba language film, 'Ito Okunrin', deviates from the run of the mill plots made in Yoruba which are told in a predictable way from beginning. 'Ito Okunrin' is told in a way that the audience keeps guessing where the story is headed next until it comes to a dramatic, unpredictable end. 

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Simpa, in 2014, produced 'Outside the Box', a domestic drama about marital challenges, which featured Yeni Ejide Davies, among others.

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  1. Awesome! Looking forward to the Premier of the film.