Saturday 25 June 2022

Canvas of 'Our Many Colours' from four artists at Art Pantheon

'Confidence' (mixed media on canvas, 36 X 36 inch, dated 2022), by Emmanuel Ojebola. 

OLUWAFERANMI Okeowo, Emanuel Ojebola, Paul Ogunlesi and Toju Clarke converge for Many Colours, a salon art exhibition, which opened June 19, ending 30, 2022 at Art Pantheon Gallery, 12D, Bosun Adekoya, Street, Oniru, Lagos. 

The salon show, according to Art Pantheon, helps create imaginatively rewarding and contemplative spaces that enjoin people to consider what they mean to each other as people of diverse background. According to the African American poet Lucille Clifton: We are each other’s harvest:/ we are each other’s business:/ we are each other’s magnitude and bond.   

As Art Pantheon has been exploring diverse and uncommon themes in its art events, the current show inspires people to appreciate the natural communal values among the people. "The salon Our Many Colours features four artists: The show invites audiences to pay closer attention to the spaces, recognition, and powers we afford each other as human beings," Art Pantheon said in its gallery statement. "The exhibiting artists, in their works focused on the human figure, contribute fresh perspectives to themes of struggle, self-expression, shared humanity, individual reclamation, and human fortitude." At the opening on on June 19, visitors were offered a wonderful opportunity to gain renewed perspectives on what it means to make space for each other as people, especially now. 

Among the works on display are Self Reflection II (mixed media on canvas, 36 x 36in, dated 2022) by Emmanuel Ojebola; Love and the Game of Life, (mixed media on canvas (49 x 36in, 2022), by Paul Ogunlesi; Look At Us But Don’t Judge (scratching on linen, 60 x 47in, 2022) by Toju Clarke; and Sometimes Everytime (oil on canvas, 60 x 48in), 2022), by Feranmi Okeowo.

Excerpts from Art Pantheon gallery  statement: "Rendered mostly in brilliant colours, the works are a welcome counterpoint to the somberness and uncertainty of the times. In early 2020, a pandemic swept across the globe from which nations have yet to completely recover. Later in the year, there were the #EndSARS protests which decried police brutality and inhumane governance in Nigeria. 

"Besides these, there’ve been varying degrees of disruptions across the country and the world. At no other time has our need to stand for each other been greater.  Our Many Colours draws its inspiration from this awareness."

Based on Victoria Island, Lagos, Art Pantheon Gallery's programming involves exhibitions, art handling, art logistics, and management. Although having been running only a few years, Art Pantheon has had more than 7 art exhibitions and shown over 20 artists, ranging from painters to sculptors to architects and graphic designers. 

 "With Our Many Colours, the gallery seeks to continue its legacy of promoting excellence in the art scene in Nigeria as well as showing young contemporary artists who have so much to tell us about our current situation."

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