Tuesday 9 November 2021

Homage to Grillo, Oloidi, Omoighe at LABAF 2021

From 'Atupa', a Yusuf  Durodola's performance.

THE Visual Arts Day of 2021 Lagos Arts and Book Festival 
(LABAF), which holds  on November 16, has quite a line up of programmes, including 'Homeage' to recently departed artists. 

The day starts with registration, 9am and  Youth  Creative Convention of  Committee Of Relevant Arts (CORA).  The Creative workshops and expressions of the programme  continue at 10am.  Others are

Arthouse  Forum  @Kongi’s Harvest Art Gallery, 2pm: 

 The Memorials, themedHomage to the recent Arthouse Ancestors focuses Ola Oloidi, Art Historian, Teacher; Mike Omoighe, Painter, Teacher; and Yusuf Grillo, Painter, Teacher. Panelists: Oliver Enwonwu, artist, gallerist ; Dr. Ademola Azeez, artist, academic; and Dr Akin Onipede, artist, academic

 At 3.pm, comes Visual  Arts @ The Park Arena witha Performance by Yusuf Durodola  titled Atupa, aY oruba word which means "Lamp"

"Atupa", is an inspirational approach uplifting humanity to keep fighting against immorality and wickedness. 

Souls are lights that illuminate our world. We are the souls possessed with the wisdom to change this universe.

Therefore, the darkness of our souls leads to the increase of evil in our world. 

The more inhumane we treat ourselves, the more darkness the whole world experiences. 

When darkness takes over the Lamp, the present is in chaos and the narrow path to the future becomes unseen. 

Lamp is light and light is beautiful, lovely, and protects us against the demons of this world. Evil doesn't associate with any of those. 

As Lamps, we are threats to evildoers and only we can be our security against darkness. Evildoers can only be defeated if we remain pure in love for one another. 

Yoruba adage says "Àgbà tó ròfó ìkà omo rè áje níbè" meaning an elder that plans evil will also set his children as a victim. Your wickedness will be your destruction.

ÀTÙPÀ is a performance calling on everyone all over the world to protect the Lamps that shine a light on humanity. 

ÀTÙPÀ is a performance asking us all to continue to join hands together to fight wickedness all over the world.

 The day continues at 4pm with Arthouse  Forum @Kongi’s Harvest Art Gallery.

The theme: State of the Collectors’ vault focuses         Rasheed Gbadamosi, Sammy Olagbaju, Frank Okonta and Abdulaziz Udeh.

Paneliists:    Dr. Sola Ogunfuwa, artist, academic;  Olu Ajayi, painter, administrator; Dr. Kunle Adeyemi, artist, academic;    Prof. Jerry Buhari, artist, academic; and Moses Ohiomokhare, artist, art ManagerSpecial Guest of H onour is Prince Yemisi Shyllon, Collector, founder, OmoOba Yemisi Shyllon Art Foundation, OYASAF Chair is Chinwe Uwatse,, CORA Board Member. Moderator is Mufu Onifade, artist, art writer.

Art exhibition titled Timeless Memories: A Celebration of Life and For Humanity @ Kongi’s Harvest Art Gallery opens5pm. The exhibition is about Interrogating a set of manuscripts documenting a private conversation between Prof Wole Soyinka and Ulli Beier on Yoruba Religion. Orisha Liberates the Mind | The Crisis of Yoruba Culture | Death & the King’s Horseman.

Unveiling of an illustrated art book of the conversation as a special dedication to the memory of Ulli Beier and celebration project of Soyinka’s 87th birthday Kegites OAU World HQ. Curator: Oludamola Adebowale (for Asiri  Magazine)

(Supported by the University of Zululand and the University of Limpopo in South Africa)  C hair: Ndidi Dike, CORA Board Member

Performance by Jelili Atiku, Theme: Mokóó Morò (Nomadic), holds 6pm: @ The Park Arena

 Synopsis: In 1983, Ozzy Osbourne asked a pertinent question: ‘Tell me where do I belong in a Sick Society?’ Mokóó Morò, as intervention performance, proposes a response to the question through a collection of different thoughts on the present struggle with the pandemic (Covid-19) in comparison with the Mémorial de la Shoah (The Holocaust). It consists of the presence of the artist’s body that embodies mystical-night figure and recites eulogy to the victims of our sick society, especially in the period of Holocaust and Covid-19. It is based on the philosophy of three words: Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (RRF) and raises the point: tell me the truth about Covid-19. 

 Also holding is  Jelili Atiku in Conversation with Juul van der Laan 

Synopsis: Juul, a filmmaker based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands will join Jelili Atiku to discuss the above mentioned performance, Mokoo Moro. A 4-minute film on the performance made by Juul will be screened before the conversation, which holds  a few minutes after the performance. 

At 8pm, Film  Scareening @FoodCour. Theme is Tribute to a Pioneer Artiste Title: Allelu? Alleluiah!: The Legend of Mazi Ukonu

Synopsis:  A documentary on the life of the master impresario - Mazi Anyogu Ukonu (1930-2021) - one of Africa’s early Hollywood stars. It traces his early life, through to his times in Hollywood, featuring alongside A-list legends like Clark Gable, Bob Hope and Robert Mitchum. His return to Nigeria and mentoring of a generation of Nigerian arts and media talent, who became legends such as Sunny Okosuns, Christy Essien, Peter Edochie and more. His iconic broadcasting career spanning over 60 years is also in focus.

Director: Ezennia Ed Emeka Keazor| Producer: Muni King-Keazor |Director of Photography/Assistant Director: Neec Nonso. Executive Director: Patrick Okigbo III. 

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