Thursday 15 July 2021

How artists elected Sulaiman, Alabi 6 others in 'most transparent' process

Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA) President-elect, Muhammad Sulaiman. 

NEW executive members for Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA) have emerged after virtual election held on July 10, 2021. The Electoral Committee of SNA has described the process of the election as "most transparent."

Predictably, Muhammad Sulaiman was elected "unopposed" as the new President with Dotun Alabi as Vice President. Others elected, according to the Electoral Committee headed by Dr. Adam B. Sheikh-Lemu, include Gabriel Gyegwe, Vice President North; . Archibong Bassey, Vice President South East; Prosper Akeni, General Secretary; Binta Garuba, Asst Sec Gen; Vera Chijioke, Treasurer; and Ephraim  Ugochukwu, Financial Secretary. A total of 12 officers were said to have been elected. Only 7 names were available at press time.

 "We are aware that infallibility is not a human quality," Dr Lemu stated in a letter to the SNA leadership after the conclusion of the elections. "However, we have done our best and we are sure that time and Almighty God will exonerate us."

 The Electoral Committee Chairman noted the challenges in the method of elections used, arguing that the experience provided a learning process, going forward. "We’ve had it at the back of our minds that the chosen electoral method being a novel concept, was bound to expose our technological shortcomings, chariness and cynicism. Nevertheless, we have no regrets because deep down in our minds, we believed that it was the most transparent, cheapest, convenient, most ideal electoral instrument for the SNA and her members."

 Part of the imperfection, he explained, was that everyone could not have agreed, always, irrespective of the process and the results. "We thank those who had trust and confidence in us and never relented in giving us the needed moral support. We also thank our critics for keeping us on our toes as we were determined to succeed despite their distractions. Their fastidiousness was the very fuel we needed to propel us in achieving our goals. Usually in the quest for excellence there are two experts: Those who criticises and those who attain progress. We indeed belong to the latter and hereby present to you the results of the SNA 2021 Elections."

 President-elect, Sulaiman, in what seemed like his acceptance speech thanked SNA members dor what he noted as "the amazing attention."  He specifically thanked the election Committee and assured that the new SNA executive under his leadership will not disappoint the professional body.

 Also, the politicking that  sorrounded his election got mentioned in his speech. He commended everyone, particularly members from the North Central for their efforts.  come.*

He described such inputs from the North Central contestants as "the hard-fought campaign/elections, knowing that we might have raised our voices a little high in the past few days."

 Excerpts from Sulaiman's statement.

"An immense debt of gratitude is owed to the distinguished Dr Sheikh Lemu and his wonderful team at the electoral committee for their commitment in making the electoral process possible electronically. It was an uphill task but they delivered, thus deserving our gratitude and laudation.

 "After arduous weeks and months, SNA has again, proved its determination to shape its future and destiny by rededicating itself to streamlining strategies necessary to move the association forward.

 "Now it is time for this new Exco to deliver on its promises to move the association to greater heights and - God willing - in light of this, we shall lay our commitments and roadmap bare to all to work with us in achieving this goal.

 "Undeniably, there are

many obstacles, but it is up to us collectively to surmount them through scheduled meetings and deliberations, and courtesy calls to relevant stakeholders - including the Senate and House Committee heads, the Diplomatic Community, heads of government agencies and parastatals, art patrons and enthusiasts - as preliminary steps towards a broader strategy for success.

 "We deeply appreciate the trust and overwhelming support from Past Presidents, Chapter Chairmen,  distinguished veteran artists of repute, and the superlatively passionate members of this great Society.

 "Indeed, SNA shall only move forward in leaps and bounds, not just because of the ingeniousness of its leaders - which I have never counted out - but moreso from the collective reaffirmation of commitment of all its members to its ideals and aspirations.* Thus, by this renewed application, shall we triumph over the challenges of our day. 

To its realisation, we shall have to draw upon that spirit which has lifted this profession and humankind to the heights of hope in times of desolation by building the conviction that whilst each of us pursue our personal dreams, we can still find fulfillment and purpose in cohesion and togetherness as one family - an Art family. This is the ultimate recipe for success. 

 "We hope also to pull in the necessary clouts to do justice to our priorities and set valuable standards in the course of our day-to-day service to SNA."

On the heat of politicking by contestant's, the Preaident'elwxt stated:

"I congratulate our contestants from North Central on the hard-fought campaign/elections, knowing that we might have raised our voices a little high in the past few days - and sometimes disagreed on the best ways to get things done rightly - which I assume was out of our mutual love for this association which future we so deeply care for. Thus resolved, I plead for active membership and participation in our activities, and for a collective push towards achieving our set goals and objectives.

 "Our journey has been about giving back to Nigeria by the promotion and preservation of our cultural values, through the most noble springboard of civilization, the ultimate, art.* That is the legacy we honour and proudly uphold till this day.

 "In the days and weeks ahead, I look forward to sitting with Outgoing President Oliver to discuss on areas that require tidying up and on how to work together to further move this association to greater heights.

 "On behalf of my team, I wish to thank all past presidents, the Outgoing President and his great team for all the beautiful milestones they pulled through.

 "We shall continue to build further.God Bless You!God Bless SNA!!G od Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!"

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  1. Lovely write up. Better than the former. Point of observation... The elected officers are Mr. President, Four (4) Vice Presidents, A General Secretary, an Assistant Gen Sec, a Public Relations Officer, Treasurer, Financial Sec, Welfare Director, an an Assistant Welfare Director. 12 officer in total. Not A President, a vice and six others..