Friday 16 April 2021

Unmasking colours, strokes behind 'Synonyms Of Faces'

Babatunde Adeogun's 'Eve Guilt' (oil on canvas, 1010 x 101
As much as depicting facial expressions in painting is as old as art, exposing the inner senses behind the faces make three artists converge. Seye Morakimyo, Udoakang Promise Peter and Babatunde Adeogun, individualy, probes into the power of people’s facial expressions.

The artists’ point of convergence is a group art exhibition titled Synonyms of Faces, showing from Saturday, April 17-24 at Alexis Galleries, No 282, Akin Olugbade Street, Off Idowu Martins, Lagos State.

. Alexis Galleries described the exhibition as featuring  three spectacular styles, yet deeply rooted in culture, in different expressions. The gallery stated that Morakinyo is an in-house artist, also of multidimensional mixed media who  works in collages, pebbles and meticulous linear expressions on paintings. “His expressions are intriguing and spectacular!” 

For Peter, the gallery sees a multidimensional artist who creates hyperrealism and Impressionism works. “His works are deeply rooted in the black skin and cultures of Africans. Showing different narratives of happenings, emotions and moods around him and also using his works as a voice for people who cannot speak out from there predicaments.” 

What’s Adeogun’s paintings in facial expressions bringing into the gathering? “Babatunde’s paintings express everyday experiences. He is challenged to look beyond the current hardship and view a brighter vista. His works are a kaleidoscope of facial expressions, mood and feelings. He likes to classify people on the basis of their mood and thought. His works are focused on the general improvement of humanity and the eradication of social ills.” 

Alexis assured that the fusion of these carefully selected art styles and techniques in one art space gives a sensational feeling, intriguing view, relatable characters, spectacular perception of colours and of course aesthetically pleasing works!

The exhibition’s virtual tour will also be published on the opening day, on the gallery’s social media handles; Instagram- alexisgalleries, Facebook- Thehomestores & Alexisgalleries. The exhibition promises to be intriguing for both virtual and live view.

The exhibition, according to director and founder of Alexis Galleries, Chidiac-Mastrogiannis, is supported and sponsored by Pepsi, Tiger, Indomie, Mikano, The Guardian, Wazobia TV, Cool Fm, UPS, Haier Thermocool, Cobranet, Delta Airlines, Aina Blankson, The Homestores, Art Café, And Lost In Lagos , Arzeh Integrated Ltd, AMG Logistics.

The gallery is partnering with Street Child Care and Welfare Initiative, which is an independent not-for-profit organization. The NGO, Alexis stated, works to improve and protect the right and lives of vulnerable children through participatory education, sports, social and health awareness, while ensuring adequate rehabilitation and long term reintegration. The gallery is partnering by donating part of the exhibition proceeds to its course. 

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