Tuesday 26 May 2020

Charcoal black, brick red make new 'Staedtler Concrete' art tool

New Staedtler Concrete.
Art tools for 2020 comes with a new brand named 'Concrete' from Staedtler's ballpoint. Described as a tool with special materials, it comes in charcoal black and brick red.

According to a press statement, manufacturing process of the new brand involve the shaft being cast by hand at Staedtler’s Nuremberg site. "This patented process makes Staedtler Concrete a truly unique piece."

The brand boasted that with two new colour variants of Staedtler Concrete is already an absolute eye-catcher with its individually designed concrete shaft. And currently, it "is also available in two new colours: charcoal black and brick red."

The variants, it was explained, are created by adding special colour pigments. However, the Staedtler Concrete brand, they said, "does not only look stylish - due to its form, it also ensures a good grip."

Physical description: The barrel has six asymmetrically arranged edges. In this way, a hexagon is created, allowing everybody to find an optimal grip.

More features of the Staedtler  Concrete include "combination of design and comfort." Assuring that the new colours are available to retailers in two displays already since the fourth quarter of 2019, the statement said individual colours will follow in the first quarter of 2020.

The manufacturing process of
Staedtler Concrete is the product of years of searching for the perfect concrete mix. In collaboration with the Civil Engineering Faculty at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology, Staedtler has developed the formula for the high-performance concrete as well as an innovative production process. In the patented manufacturing process each barrel is given an individual design and thus becomes a unique piece. The other elements of the ballpoint pen are made from high-quality matt chrome metal: the tip, the push button and the clip.

A particular design feature can be found on the concrete disc embedded in the push button: the world-famous Mars head, the logo of the Nuremberg manufacturer of writing and creative products Staedtler.

Being one of Germany’s oldest industrial companies, the  Staedtler group ranks among the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of writing, colouring, drawing and creative products.

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