Tuesday 31 May 2016

First Nigerian Pavilion at Venice Architectural Biennale by Ola-Dele Kuku

Arthouse Contemporary is pleased to announce its support of the Nigerian Pavilion, entitled Diminished Capacity at the ongoing Venice Architectural Biennale, in Italy, featuring the work of Nigerian artist and architect Ola-Dele Kuku. The event started from May 26, ending November 27, 2016 at  the Spazio Punch - Guidecca, Venice, Italy.  
Work of artist-architect, Ola-Dele Kuku at Venice Architectural Bienniale

The work, Diminished Capacity marks the first time that Nigeria has had a dedicated pavilion at a Venice Biennale edition.

The Commissioner of the Nigerian Pavilion is Nkanta George Ufot, Director, International Cultural Relations, Ministry of Information and Culture. The Nigerian Pavilion is curated by Camilla Boemio, with associate curator Mr. Koku Konu and project manager Fabrizio Orsini. Colaborators and sponsors include the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, Abuja Nigeria; Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Rome Italy; Arthouse Contemporary Ltd, Lagos Nigeria; KU Leuven - St Lucas Architecture (Int Master’s Programme, Gent, Belgium; LMS Gallery, Brussels, Belgium, and Phillipe Laeremans Tribal Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.

Exhibition promotion and communication is supported by Arthouse Contemporary Ltd, Lagos, Nigeria. For more information, please contact Joseph Gergel by email at joseph@arthouse-ng.com.

Please visit the website of the Nigerian Pavilion at www.nigerianpavilion.org.

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