Sunday 10 April 2016

Women and Youth Art Workshop Gets Subsidy

A Non Governmental and not -for-profit organisation, Women and Youth Art Foundation known as Wy Art, comes into its 2016 edition with what it describes as free and highly subsidised workshop.
Works from past editions of Wy Art
Beginning from July, 2016, at its new spot, a tourist and Adire district in Akerele, Surulere Lagos, some of the workshop's facilitators include Taiye Erewele,  Alao Luqman, Bayo Olowu, Sam Ovraiti, Peju Layiwola, and Sherif Ojetunde. The areas of focus include Free sugarcraft, children's arts and craft, female and male shoe, Ceramics/Pottery- slip casting, hand building; beadwork and painting, among others.

 Founded in 2004, Wy Art's new location, according to the organisers of the workshop, is equipped with facilities for training in a broad area of the visual arts.

"The Foundation is known for qualitative teaching in vocational arts and crafts," a press staement boasts.  "Its mission is to use art as a form of economic empowerment and focuses on training both males and females but particularly young girls, youth and women." Wy Art also "strives to improve the standard of teaching visual arts in Nigeria." Listed among its achievements since inception  "is the production of e-Learning DVDs and magazines on step- by- step teaching of various arts and crafts." Deadline for submission of forms and payment is June 3, 2016.

Recall that in 2011, the Wy Art Foundation in collaboration with the Bronx Museum of the Fine Arts, New York hosted the Hilary Clinton SmARTpower project funded by the US State Department.  This One-million dollar grant supported the projects of fifteen US-based artists in different parts of the world. Wy Art hosted Brett Cook, a California- based artist in Nigeria.

Also, Wy Art has to its credit several community-based projects as well as having worked closely with a US-based NGO, Infopower International Inc. in skills acquisition and empowerment projects.
For the 2016 workshop, its programming include Free Sugarcraft,  (July 9, 2016), with artist, Bayo Olowu. The section "is particularly designed for beginners and intermediate levels in sugarcraft." On the list is a broad range of arts and crafts for children and young adults between ages 5- 18 years featuring, Ceramics/Pottery- slip casting, hand building; beadwork and painting. "Give your child the opportunity of exploring both 2D and 3D design techniques.  It would be so much fun to paint; work with clay, fire, glaze pottery and also make unusual and delicate jewelry.  An exhibition of finished works would be displayed at the close of the workshop." 

Back to Sugarcraft, the Advanced segmentat class holds on August 12 and 13, 2016. "Participants would be taught how to model gravity defying cakes such as the Skipping Minion.  This class would be taught by Bayo Olowu, the master sugarcraft artist." Also in August 25-31, is Bronzecasting workshop, "for those willing to hone their knowledge in advanced metal working processes particularly in regards to working with molten metal." The adv antage of the bronzecasting claaa is that it "would lead participants through the method of Cire Perdue or lost wax casting and sandcasting." 

 The processes include how to model a core, mould, and wax model. Dewaxing, casting in molten bronze would provide the participant with an experience of a lifetime.
Method of application: Indicate your interest in participating by filling the forms available in the Centre or download from its website.  interest can also be expressed on our Wy Art fb.

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