Sunday 26 October 2014

‘How to separate Latent Reality from illusion’

By Tajudeen Sowole
(First published in The Guardian, Friday, October 24, 2014)
From tree years of creating experimental works, Aladegbongbe Aderinsoye has shown that idea transit to productivity.

In his research, the artist, who also teaches Art at the Yaba College of Technology (Yabatech), Lagos flaunts his academic prowess, blended with studio works to arrive at Latent Reality, a body of work that will be on show from October 25 to 31 at Didi Museum, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Beautiful Purple by yAladegbongbe Aderinsoye
During a preview, Aderinsoye explained how Latent Reality focuses on the supernatural. Thought or ideas, he argued are intangible until they are interpreted on a paper or canvas as drawing, painting and piece of sculpture.

Stressing his argument further, Aderinsoye dragged in spirituality, noting that even at the beginning, creation did not commence until the Creator was convinced that there will be light.  "No wonder, until God declared, Let there be light, light did not appear, so also is the power of the creative ability of man."

Last year, when Aderinsoye had a solo exhibition titled Visual Sensation in Phases-I and II at National Museum. Onikan, Lagos Island, and Yusuf Grillo Gallery, Yabatech, the themes were still much about experimentation as the canvas was dominated with figural and representational rendition. For Latent Reality, abstraction appears to have moved more steps on the ladder of concepts. In one of the works titled Fruitfulness, for example, the artist renders gourds in such a way that the images represent pregnancy.  "Just like any other stage of life, there is time for fruitfulness."

Aderinsoye, who is the HOD, Fine Art Department
Yabatech takes his thoughts deeper into the realm of academics. "Many scholars have said one thing or the other about the word, Art. Nevertheless.  One might, therefore, try to understand the nature of arts in its visual by first developing a clear definition of the term ‘Art.’ One could then turn to the question of how can visual art be distinguished from a non-visual art.  The visual arts, which I create would then refer to that class of arts as visual in required sense.

"The build of understanding and appreciation of visual image or form on a ground or flat surface has aesthetical advantage.
"In other word, it is generally said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  Art or Art work is then what the viewer says it is.  The body of work on display this year is far apart from what was displayed in the last three years. The exhibition for last year for instance was experimental since creativity is not static, and change is the mother of invention, the artist is not exempted from creating new things and showcasing new ideas.

Last year was basically a research on wood, and also making statement with it, burnt and in its natural forms, introducing little or nothing as design, which made them appealing to viewers.
 “Then art is an awesome site of human creative engagement, which is a sleep on of the cultural entity interpreted in a visual form with musical instruments.  It serves as a record of history for feature generation.”

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