Thursday 4 September 2014

Of looters and savers of over 2, 000-years-old historic sites in Syria

After the U.S. State Department’s June of satellite images exposed a shocking picture of devastation of historical sites in Syria of the past year,efforts are being put in place to train savers.
Free Syrian Army fighters walk through rubble at Aleppo's Umayyad Mosque in December 2013.

As fighting continues between the government of President Bashar al Assad's troops and rebels, the ancient city of Dura Europa remains under the fists of looters. 

The city is near the Tigris River, which is  a few miles from Syria's border with Iraq,  One of Dura Europa’s treasures are some  grid of streets built by Greek and Roman residents 2,000 years ag. But reports say that in the last one year, the temples, houses, and a substantial Roman outpost were preserved for centuries by the desert sands have been in devastation.

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