Sunday 7 September 2014

For festival of art, music, Ofili goes royal ballet on canvas

Nigerian-British artist, Chris Ofili’s art goes Royal Ballet, using dancers as living canvases at a month long show Deloitte Ignite 2014, which features dance, visual arts, film, music and movement.
Chris Ofili's art fusion with Royal ballet
The yearly Deloitte Ignite, a contemporary arts festival holding at the Royal Opera House, U.K is curated by The Royal Ballet and The National Gallery’s Minna Moore Ede.
According to the organisers, the month-long “festival celebrates and explores the origin of myth and creation,” focusing myths: such as “Prometheus, the Titan who creates man from clay and steals fire from the Gods, and Leda and the Swan, the mysterious conjunction of a mortal woman and the god Zeus, disguised as a swan."

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