Tuesday 3 December 2013

Hirst is accused of ‘plagiarism’ over Rihanna-Medusa image

Cover of British GQ's 25th anniversary issue

British artist, If Damien Hirst is never short of controversy: he is either inviting it or always besieged with one. He is again about to be engulfed in another as fellow artist Jim Starr has accused him of plagiarism.
Starr, according to Evening Standard.alleges that the cover shoot of Rihanna for British GQ's 25th anniversary issue  is similar to a work that appeared in an auction catalog alongside Hirst's work three years ago: 

The head shot of the cover feature's Rihanna's hair adorned by a Greek mythology character, Medusa like collaged with snakes.

Starr states: "I am aware that artists are all sort of drawing from the same well but I think I know when my work has inspired someone else's”.

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