Thursday 21 November 2013

Is Shonibare exactly 'Dreaming Rich' in Hong Hong?

Known for his satirical themes about class, the Nigerian-born British artist, Yinka Shonibare is currently showing a new body of work titled Dreaming Rich, in Hong Hong.
Yinka Shonibare in Hong Hong

“Dare to dream rich and you may lose your head, fail to dream rich and you risk dying of poverty”. This is an instructive extract from the inscriptions attached to the exhibition.

Some of the works monitored online show that the artist is sticking to his headless characters, but with additional 27 paintings. Shonibare would not let go his views about colonization, aristocratic mentality and labour or modern slavery.

He explains that the body of work focuses  “the discrepancy between” rich and  “the not so wealthy”  And it’s no longer domestic alone, he argues. “This gap is also continuing to increase internationally as well”.

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