Sunday 11 August 2013

Search for Moaa Lisa’s identity takes archaeologists to a Florentine tomb

Giving the world its most valuable piece of art is not enough to allow Leornado da Vinci’s Mona Lisa a peace of gravely rest, so suggests researchers’ new effort to dig for more about the sitter identified as Lisa Gheradini Del Gioconda.
One of the archaeologists entering Mona Lisa's family tomb in Florence, Italy..
Agency reports across Europe have disclosed that on Friday, archaeologists started further research on her identity by entering a tomb in Florence, Italy. The tomb is suspected to contain the ashes and bones of Lisa’s husband and two sons. 

It should be recalled two year ago, archaeologists claimed that they have excavated what they suspect “are bones of Lisa” in Saint Ursula.
Bringing the bones of the mother in comparison with the remains to be collected from the Florentine tomb, the researchers hope to reconstruct what Lisa’s face would have looked like when da Vinci had her sat for what turned out as the most famous portrait in history.

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