Saturday 6 October 2012

Onobrakpeya's 'Jewels of Nomadic Images' goes to New York

Renowned African printmaker, Bruce Onobrakpeya, continues his 80th birthday celebration with 20 recent eerigraphs, mixed media and installation titled Jewels of Nomadic Images at Skoto Gallery, New York starting from  October 18 and ending December , 2012.

Skoto Gallery says "his will be his first solo show in New York since the exhibition Where Gods and Mortals Meet at the Museum for African art." Onobrakpeya, the gallery, assures, "will be present" at the the reception is on Thursday, October 18."
Bruce Onobrakepa's Aro Oguan III, 2007-2011, mixed media installation, 37x122.5x101.5 inches (93.5x311x258 cm)
Onobrakpeya states: "I take advantage of the dynamics of printmaking and experimentation to manipulate the same motif or idea to produce different design effects. Tiny line engravings have been developed and transformed into low relief sculptures called plastocasts, in some cases enlarged into bigger reliefs or paintings. In reverse, pieces which were finished as large pictures or prints have been re-examined in miniature gravures. These process of transformation, or if you like migration of a design from one artistic medium, size or combination to another is what I describe as nomadic. This also includes recycling of discarded objects for a new lease of life.
  "I am always fascinated by objects arranged as parts of traditional shrines, fabrics, jeweleries or amulets. They combine to create aesthetic charm, magic or manna. I incorporate them and similar objects into my artworks in the hope of liberating them from the stigma of the fetish to which they have been long subjected."

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