Sunday 2 September 2012

Joe Obiago knows how to intercept great works

The art collector’s visit to Olu Ajayi Studios says a lot about the ongoing hunt for masterpieces across Lagos, intercepting them before artists throw open the chase at exhibitions and art auctions.
Painter, Olu Ajayi (left) hosting Joe Obiago in his studio...recently.
For Olu and Obiago, if there was any exchange in terms of the digits, it is apparently not a subject for now, so suggests the artist’s statement on the visit. “It was a refreshing moment for the collector, who comments and acknowledges the versatile and multidimensional Art works of his host,” Ajayi said. 

And from the collector: “Olu, I must confess that your works are sophisticated and esoteric.”

Indeed, the oil magnate knows how to intercept great works!  

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