Sunday 16 September 2012

How a woman’s uncontrolled lens humiliated womanhood

Valerie Suau

As about ‘200 pics of Kate and William’s intimacy on the way’ 

The photographer who took pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton sunbathing at the French chateau has been revealed as French woman Valerie Suau. 

Suau, according to sources, was surprised by the fuss the pictures are generating. A source says ‘she was given free rein to do what she liked – taking pictures of the couple enjoying themselves in full view of the road. ‘There were other people around, including walkers and cyclists, as well as staff at the chateau.

'The Duchess was sure to have known this, and perhaps should have been a bit more careful about displaying her body in such a prominent position...continue reading’ 

Kate Middleton, happy in another clime (Kuala Lampur, Malaysia) where decency, not nudity is celebrated.
Ms Suau, it was said, produced one set of pictures on Friday September 7th – the day the couple left. This is the same day that the Closer pictures were taken. ‘She aimed her camera at the pool at around 1.30pm, where she saw William wearing just a pair of swimming shorts and sunglasses as he read his I-pad. Kate, meanwhile, was in a bikini’

Meanwhile sources say there are still about 200 pics of the couple's intimacy waiting to be published soon.

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  1. Ok have her name what about the main media publish her address and all that is known about Valerie Suau? That seems like it is only fair? Who is her family? Where does she live? Who does she date? Where does she work? I mean surely the population would like to know these things are they not news?