Friday 20 July 2012

Hirst's 'Belly of the South' wins 8-1

With 8 to 1votes, Damien Hirst’s proposed sculpture of 60ft for Ilfracombe  Town, England got Council’s preliminary nod.

It’s a sculpture with working name Verity, depicting a naked pregnant woman holding a sword. 

Sources said most people argued the statue would boost tourism and encourage visitors to the town.
John Brown, chairman of the Ilfracombe Tourism and District Association, for example noted: "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that can only increase visitor numbers.
 "Tourism is the lifeblood of this town and must be supported in any way it can be. There is a vested interest in this artist and people are extremely interested in his work."
 In Council’s chairman, Phillip Webb’s opinion polls via facebook, 68% of people voted for the statue while 32% opposed.
 And the only member of the council who opposed it, Lin Wheelan, argued: "The only relevance I can see for the proposed Hirst statue is to bring ridicule to the area.
"All I can foresee for this incongruous piece of work is graffiti and for Ilfracombe to once again be the butt of so many jokes regarding the statue nicknamed, 'The Belly of the South'."

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