Sunday 27 May 2012

Controversy over artist's depiction of Jacob Zuma's 'Africaness' lingers

South African artist, Brett Murray's right of expression is not really free, particularly when his painting is suspiciously racist.
  The artist's work, a satirical depiction of president Jacob Zuma is causing controversy and chaos in South Africa as it also revisits the president's alleged past sex scandals.
The controversial lower part of Brett Murray's The Spear is covered in this reproduced image

   The 1. 85 metre high painting titled The Spear, which depicts Zuma in a Lenin-like posture and protruding penis has been defaced in the gallery where it was mounted, even as the president's party ANC has challenged the artist's right of expression in court. 
  The painting was reportedly bought by a German for R136,000 (£10, 345).
  Hearing over ANC's request to ban the painting continues this week. 
Anti-Brett Murray's painting protesters in Jo'burg

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