Monday 24 April 2023

How Tribes Art Africa lifted six artists in 'Transcendence'

'What's Next?' (sgrafitto scratching on canvas, 3ft x 3ft, dated 2023) by Toju Clarke.

AS a leading platform through which established and emerging artists are being projected into the global art market, Tribes Art Africa Gallery (TAAG) just lifted another set of artists. It was a group exhibition titled Transcendence: Exploring the Boundaries of Art and Perception, which showed the works of Carlos A. Solis, Eyitayo Alagbe, Toju Clarke, Toba Kayode Samuel, Olaniyi Omotayo and Toluwalase Raymond on, from March 23-April 23, 2023.

Alagbe's skills in charcoal showed the gains of being deliberate as the artists blended what he described as "semi-tones of joy, love, hope, and peace, weaving together themes of beauty, brotherhood, unity, and friendship." He hoped that his art will inspire the promotion of "enduring treasures that Africa holds, including her unique customs, communal and mammalian inclinations, and her enviable dark and strong skin." His art, he explained, "seeks to highlight the inexpressible and underrated beauty of black women, using my art to showcase the intricacies of their lives and experiences."

For Solis, his art celebrated the wild life of the Amazon of Venezuela, particularly of the North and South America. "I have the pleasure and the opportunity to experience the richness of many cultures in South and North America, which allow me to expand my imagination even more; it also helps me to understand the differences and similarities between both worlds," Solis said of his vast experience of two regions. "My work reflects the distinctness of my artistic perception from those experiences, which provides vivid colors and physical details in order to make something visually pleasing, grotesque, or unfamiliar to look at."  His art, he added, attempts "to create awareness and express an opinion about our delicate habitat and lack of knowledge about cultural and racial diversity in South America."

Raymond, who is among the emerging artists from Africanncontemporary art scene showed The visual narration, depicting the human challenges. His art explored themes of self-image, identity formation, black history, gender constructs, and the impact of society and government on untold stories. He gained experience as an intern curator under the late Bisi Silva at the African Culture and Design Festival in 2016.

 "Toba Kayode Samuel's intricate paintings use the human form to explore themes of interconnectedness and spirituality," TAAG's gallery statement described the artists' styles and techniques. For Omotayo, texturised canvas seems to be the strength in celebrating native aesthetics, especially of African descents. "Olaniyi Omotayo's colorful impasto and paintings explore the beauty of African culture and the resilience of the human spirit."

 The Head Curator of TAAG, Rodney Asikhia stated that convergence of the artists for the Transcendence... exhibition "create a truly immersive and thought-provoking experience." Asikhia noted that the exhibition challenges everyone to question the assumptions about what art is and can be. He added that the artists' works "encourage us to see the world in new and exciting ways."

Asikhia assured that Transcendence: Exploring the Boundaries of Art and Perception is sure to be an unforgettable experience, across art followers' interests such as being "art lover, a collector, or simply looking for inspiration, "

Ahead of the exhibition, TAAG said each of the exhibited artist brings a distinct perspective into the gathering, though  they all share a common goal of pushing the boundaries of creativity beyond possibility. 

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