Monday 6 September 2021

Recycling researcher, Adeyemi unearths 'Waste Panorama'


Festus Iranlade Adeyemi's 'Peofile' (used carton, deconstructed polystyrene, newspaper, punched papers on foam board. Size: 85 X 60cm).

IN his artistic curiosity, which accumulates into research, Festus  Iranlade Adeyemi  takes visual culture view into a parent material known as polystyrene. 

The research, articulated via his solo art exhibition titled Waste Panorama, showing from September 14- 24, 2021 at Martin Hall Gallery, Loughborough University, U.K, drags into the critical net, polystyrene's derivatives such as plastics, serviette-tissue, used receipts, cartons, newspapers, and sacks, applied in what the artist described as "colours for creative construction."  Iranlade Adeyemi is on academic sojourn with focus  on Recycling Exhibiton (PhD Candidate) at School of Design and Creative Arts, Loughborough University, UK.

Excerpts from Adeyemi's works of recycled media; Lockdown Couple’ (2020,  deconstructed polystyrene, serviette papers, newspapers, carton, receipts, tea papers, texts, and collages on canvas. SIZE- 81 X 39.5cm. 

Using repurposed waste to discourage Lagos couples from breaking the Covid -19 lockdown rules. And reflecting on the negative global effects of the pandemic.

‘Plastics World’ (2021) Media: Melted Polystyrene, Upcycled Plastics, Serviette papers, general waste, and collages on printed world map. Size: 138 X 102cm. 

The work reflects on the negative devastating effects of plastics and single used waste items in our society. This is pronounced in the developing space like Lagos Nigeria. It blocked our gutters and drainages, and traffic gridlocks are traceable to careless waste dumping. This result In flooding and pollution of our environment. In Lagos, mosquitoes and rodents breed in such gutters causing malaria, typhoid and cholera. Children and people with reduced immunity are dying daily through this attitude. The work is campaigning for waste to be reused and recycled creatively to reduce the single used items from harming the society.

‘NOK Conversation’ (2020) Media: Deconstructed Polystyrene, Serviette papers, texts about the images, and general collages. I researched on one of the Nigeria’s cultural heritages; NOK culture (1500 BC -500AD) Using waste to document the exploits of our great grandparents creativity The European historians were able to believe through our heritages like NOK that we have history and black people were creatively engaged before they came to Africa. The use of waste to document NOK is to support the documentation of Nigeria cultural heritages with the value inherent in the waste.

‘Profile’ Media: Used Carton, Deconstructed polystyrene, Newspaper, punched papers on foam board. Size: 85 X 60cm. The works reflects on the present uncertain future of the average Nigerian youths. They are in a beautiful and great land, but lack the direction to honestly lunch-out  to succeed in a seemingly confused environment. The holes used to construct the profile is a signifies a wounded personality in a land full of opportunities. The designs around him fortunately represent hope for the expected future. Just hoping that it will not tarry for a long time.

Who is Festus Iranlade Adeyemi? "I am a research candidate in the School of Design and Creative Arts, Loughborough University, UK. A Chief Lecturer (Study leave) at the Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Federal College of  Education TECHNICAL Akoka-Yaba, Lagos. My Master Degree is from the Coventry University, UK- (2014). As an academic, I have presented and published research papers in the reputable Journals, attended several Conferences and Published a book- ‘Critical Issues in Nigeria’s Arts Education. 

In 2015, I staged a solo research exhibition tagged ‘Between the Lines’ The show interrogated transportation challenges in Lagos State and seek to be part of the solution about the traffic gridlocks in the ‘State of Excellence’. Besides, I have exhibited my arts in several group shows in Nigeria including Coventry University in the UK. 

"My Arts speak about the environments, ecology, waste recycling, and the plight of the people in the developing landscapes. It seeks to be part of the solutions to the encountered challenges especially in Lagos. 

"I enjoy drawing, painting, exploring, teaching, writing and meeting people. I am inspired by the repurposed arts of El Anatsui (B. 1944) and the transformative arts of Joseph Beuys. (1921-1986)  My two Supervisors in Loughborough University are the great driving force in the evolvement of my campaign arts to reuse, recycle, and repurpose waste and single-used items to avoid pollution in the eco-system."

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