Tuesday 16 August 2016

Kenyan digital Artist, Chao, Appeals To 'Save The Railway'

Nairobi, Kenya artist, Tayiana Chao makes an appeal with her gadgets in a photography exhibition titled Save The Railway, which opens at The Shifteye Gallery on Friday August 19, 2016. 

One of the archival pictures from Save The Railway
According to the gallery, the exhibition derives its contents from a project about documenting and campaigning for the preservation of Kenya’s antique railway stations, in the wake of their deplorable state and the impending demolition of some.

 Started in 2013, the project involved visiting more than 70 railway stations along the historic Kenya - Uganda railway lines famously known as The Lunatic Express. 
  Shifteye stated that the exhibition showcases railway stations, which mostly lie between Mombasa and Kisumu. It also brings to life memories curated from hundreds of people around the world while paying homage to the millions of lives that were influenced by the railway.
  Chao is described as "a digital curator and heritage enthusiast" based in Nairobi, Kenya.   A historian and computer scientist by profession, she mainly uses technology to preserve heritage and culture for present and future generations. She also runs a popular history blog at www.theeagora.com which explores various aspects of Kenya’s history, memories and culture.
  The exhibition Save The Railway is her  first major project which she started in 2013.  By documenting Kenya’s antique railway stations, she hopes to preserve  the enchanting and daring narrative of a railway that gave birth to a nation. More about The Lunatic Express.

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