Tuesday 1 September 2015

ISIS rage against heritage sites spurs 3D art into future museum space

One of the heritage sites,  The Temple of Bel, destroyed by the ISIS terrorists.

According to The Times (Middle East), a team of digital-age “monuments men” are planning to launch a back-up  against the destruction of ancient sites in the Middle East, to prevent a total loss of possible destruction of heritage sites like the recent attack by the Islamic State.

The report says archaeologists at Oxford and Harvard will flood the region with 3D cameras, in a mission to create a full digital record of every threatened artefact.

It is about applying the new high-tech 3D printing  technology to reproduce contents of heritage sites by recreating and reconstructing items  destroyed by militants read more.

Good idea, isn’t it? But I think the issue of replicating cultural objects of other peoples’ heritage and moving such to foreign lands - in this context - might be a complex aspect of a good intention to deal with in the future.

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