Wednesday 12 August 2015

Congolese collector's lone adventure in repatriation of African art

When it appears that all efforts have failed in restitution of iconic pieces of African art origin imprisoned in museums across Europe and the U.S., a lone adventure by Congolese businessman, Sindika Dokolo could be the next hope. 
Sindika Dokolo
Few weeks ago, Dokolo announced his intention to ensure that the works are returned.  “Today there is not a single museum in the world which has managed to really value classical African art," Dokolo was quoted as saying.

 Details of how he plans to get the works repatriated are not exactly known yet. Whether or not Dokolo’s efforts make any difference from the current state of hopelessness, the collector would have achieved something: keep the agitation alive. 

 Dokolo, b. 1972 and currently exiled in Angola started collecting, courtesy of inspiration from his father at the age of 15 when he was taken on visits to museums in Europe.

 His father was described as a great collector of classical African art. Dokolo started Sindika Dokolo Foundation with a focus on promoting Africa arts and culture festivals within the continent and Diaspora.

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  1. He is the son in Law of the President (for 37 years) of Angola and the husband of the richest woman of Africa. No other apparent source of income....