Saturday 27 September 2014

Enter Indigo’s Photo Book.. Innovation in event documentation

By Tajudeen Sowole
 Documenting social and corporate events in visual content takes a fresh digital photographic leap in a new medium known as Photo Book. Introduced into the photography aspect of Nigeria's growing event management business by an Indian, Anthony Isaac, Photo Book takes creative documenting of events several generations into the future beyond where the traditional photo album stops.

The new Photo Book innovation by Indigo Digital Press

The difference between Isaac-led Indigo Digital Press concept and photo album is the creative book form and texture of the former's hard papers.

The Photo Book derives its format from the characteristics of page layouts and implanting texts into the photographs. But more explicit, the difference from photo album is the silver halide material and a technique of production that eliminates photo-shop. And quite interesting the press machine, according to Isaac, has been designed to fasten the process of making the Photo Book.
“The most critically acclaimed photo-books would celebrate the creativity of an individual photographer. It is handmade and exclusive work, carried out using high-quality photographic digital equipments for printing & binding”, Isaac, a trained photographer stated.

From having "started digital photo printing in Nigeria 12 years ago and silver halide Photo Book production 10 years ago," Isaac stated that Indigo pioneered synthetic album in the country six years ago. He recalled, “then, there was no demand”. But three years later, the company set out to bring the HP machine to Nigeria, “And last February, we got the machine.”

Having come this far, remaining in business as well as allowing professional photographers make a living out of the Photo Book is the priority of Indigo, Isaac said. “For the end users, we want to get to as many as possible through the photographers and create more job opportunities”. The three focal points of Indigo, he disclosed are “the photo labs, press and events management.”

Managing Director, Indigo Digital Press, Mr. Sethu, argued that the new process“is truly revolutionary." Isaac described Photo Book as the next evolution in photo album. The process, he added, "will open the doors to a host of new businesses for our company." 
 Other innovations of Indigo include Indigo Special Silver Finish Album, Metalic Pearl Album, Classic Album, Synthetic Album Matt Finish and Synthetic Album Glossy Finish.

“Photographers and those in the photography industry who are looking for innovation and something new and effective to showcase to their potential customers and clients have identified with the innovative products being turned out by the company.”

Isaac stressed that Indigo is one of its kind and quality in this part of the world with a A-3 size format and a unique product that would drive the adoption of digital press into the mainstream of printing by fitting seamlessly into the existing offset environments, an area which has witnessed a huge shift in the photographic segment. He noted that the “traditional silver halide prints are rapidly being replaced by HP Indigo Press due to the excellent quality output of the machine.”

He further explained how the HP Indigo has proven to be the right technology for photography reproduction business in Lagos and the country as a whole. For the Indigo Photo Book, there are two types of texture: the Glossy and Matt. Quite interesting, as soft as it looks, is cannot be torn to pieces.

He described Synthetic Album as the next evolution in photo album, adding, “The page layout makes a significant contribution to the overall content. The most critically acclaimed photo-books would celebrate the creativity of an individual photographer. It is handmade and exclusive work, carried out using high-quality photographic digital equipment for printing and binding”.

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