Wednesday 8 January 2014

3, 800-year old Pharaoh's tomb found

Tomb of the founder of a 13th dynasty of Pharaoh Sobekhotep I, dates to 3,800 years ago, has been found in Egypt, the country’s ministry of antiquities said, few days ago.

Some parts of the found Pharaoh's tomb
The tomb, which was found by a US team from the University of Pennsylvania, according to the ministry, weighed about 60 tonnes. Though the discovery was made a year ago, but the identity of the Pharaoh did not surfaced until last week, the ministry said.

Found in the southern archaeological site of Abydos, reports quoted Antiquities Minister Mohamed Ibrahim as saying the Pharaoh "is likely the first who ruled Egypt at the start of the 13th dynasty during the second intermediate period."

The discovery is important as not much information was available about Sobekhotep I "who ruled Egypt for four years and a half, the longest rule at this time," said Ayman El-Damarani, a ministry official.

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