Tuesday 24 December 2013

Racist poster or marketing strategy for 12 Years A Slave's Italian release

The cntroversial poster

Controversy has brewed over Italian poster of 12 Years A Slave, leading to allegation of racism as the poster’s central figure features Brad Pitt, and not the lead actor,  Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Ejiofor, a Golden Globe nominee and Oscar hopeful for his role as Solomon Northup is the only featured figure in the original poster that has been used since the film was released several months back with incredible reviews across the world.

Original poster of 12 Years A Slave

Reactions through Internet's social media network has condemned the Pitt poster as many argued that the actor appeared just for 4 minutes in the moie. A comment says ‘the poster is racist for downplaying the role of Ejiofor, who plays protagonist Solomon Northup,  and instead focusing on Pitt, who plays a day laborer who doesn't show up until midway through the film.’

But another reaction argues that Pitt, ‘is widely beloved by international audiences, and is seen as crucial to promoting "12 Years a Slave" to overseas audiences.

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