Monday 9 December 2013

‘How Mandela changed my world’... Benin Republic-born singer Angelique Kidjo’s encounter with Madiba

“As I grew up on my continent, our own history was never told. Being a young girl raised in Benin, West Africa, I was even taught my ancestors were the Gauls!
Kidjo, Mandela and some artistes during a visit Robben Island.
"At age nine, I discovered by accident the existence of slavery. I was looking at the cover of a Jimi Hendrix album and I asked my brother how you could be African and American at the same time. 
 "At fifteen, I had never heard about apartheid, unaware of much of the evils of this world when one day, as I was watching the Nigerian news on an old TV screen, I heard the voice of Winnie Mandela haranguing a crowd. My whole world collapsed as I learnt about the reality of the South African regime and the fate of Winnie's jailed husband, Madiba”. More HERE.

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