Thursday 17 October 2013

Artefacts of Zimbabwean origin rescued in Europe are back at home

Among several illegal exportation of artefacts of African origin going on daily across borders to Europe and the U.S. are six works rescued and recently returned to the country’s National Art Gallery.
One of the rescued objects

The journey of the six artefacts, according to the Zimbabwean authority, started in 2006 when the objects were stolen from National Art Gallery. The curator of the gallery, Lillian Chaonwa, it was revealed, posted images of the stolen objects on the internet shortly after the theft took place.

Less than a year after the theft, it was reported that the artefacts were seen in Poland on a transit, possibly, to Germany. Perhaps with the aid of the Internet, the images of the objects have become familiar, hence a prospective American buyer alerted the authority who acted immediately and seized the stolen objects.  

The objects, handed to Zimbabwean Embassy in Germany, were few days ago returned to the gallery where they were stolen.

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