Monday 26 November 2012

‘Mo Yan as Nobel Laureate in Literature is a catastrophe’

Winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Literature, Herta Mueller, has been quoted as saying the choice to give the 2012 award to Mo Yan is a "catastrophe".

Mueller, according to her interview, published few days ago in Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter, says giving Mo Yan the award should never have happened. She accuses the Chinese writer of supporting China’s unpopular censorship laws.
Herta Mueller.

Mueller, a Romanian-born author says she nearly shed tears when the award was given to Mo Yan. She described the 2012 award: "it's a catastrophe… incredibly upsetting." Mueller was also a victim of censorship under dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

Mo Yan is a Communist Party member and vice president of China’s official writers association.

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  1. Giving the Nobel Prize to her was a catastrophe. Does she know Chinese and has she ever read a single word from Mo Yan's books? How dare he criticize someone's work based on his political views? It is preposterous to compare the Communism in China to the one in Romania.