Tuesday 25 September 2012

Zanele Muholi: My source of 'widely hated' information

However controversial South African photo artist, Zanele Muholi is, in her country of origin, it is not, and should not be an emotive challenge to any writer or journalist whose primary responsibility is to inform the people, even within the context of critique. I therefore  have no reason of any strong feeling about Muholi's person or her work. This much I wrote in the email exchange between Bisi Silva and I yesterday.

However, if Silva is interested in knowing my source of 'widely hated' information, i am using this medium to advise her to go and change a document known as Code of Ethics for Nigerian Journalists. Section 4, Privilege/Non-Disclosure, paragraph 2 states: A journalist should not breach agreement with a source of information obtained as 'off the-record' or as 'background information'.

In the case of the intro, which I posted on my blog in May this year,  'widely hated' falls under 'background information'.
Zanele Muholi
Silva may argue that Nigeria's Code of Ethics is not applicable because my blog is in international space and the artist a foreigner, but i doubt if it makes any difference. 

I think Silva should go and read our email exchange again in which i stated that Muholi's personality and her work offer challenge for all; it's dangerous to be protective or engage in blackmail just because someone makes a comment about her status within or outside the art space.  

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