Saturday 29 September 2012

To boost creative enterprise, Nigerian designer partners Turks

Design and metal sculptural skills from Africa and Europe melt into creative enterprise as Lagos-based Svengali Designs and Turkish-owned Poliform jointly offer visual decorative and functional aesthetics.

The joint venture christened Svengali+Poliform is aimed at giving the Nigerian creative sector, particularly the architecture and construction industry a boost, designer and CEO of Svengali, Anslem Tabansi stated when the Turks partners visited his gallery in Lagos.

As the president of Interior Designers Association of Nigeria (IDAN), Tabansi has led the group to the international stage when it had its first exhibition in Lagos and hosted the president of the International Federation of Interior Designers, (IFI), Mr. Shrikant Nivasarkar.
Caglar Olcer of Poliform, Istanbul, Turkey (left), Anslem Tabansi of Svengali Designs, Lagos and founder of Poliform, Nejat Olcer in Lagos…recently
Caglar Olcer of Poliform noted that though the relationship between his group and Svengali is short, but strong enough to believe that the partnership will work. Olcer, accompanied by his father and founder of the Turkish group, Nejat Olcer said “we have always known Nigeria as a big economy in Africa, but not really sure of how to do business here until we met Anselm.”

In a joint statement, it is stated that Svengali and Poliform join forces for a new age in metal sculptural balustrade industry. The group hoped that “with competitive prices, short periods of delivery and continuous technical support, this new joint venture company will serve the latest” in state of the art sculptural metals for the functional and decorative sections of Nigeria’s design industry. 

Poliform, located in Istanbul, Turkey stated that for over 25 years, its signature has doted several developments in balustrade systems and sculptural metal door accessories.

Svengali is an interior design and wood/metal sculpture outfit with gallery in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Tabansi-led IDAN, few months ago, continued its efforts at promoting the design section of the creative industry when it organised a show at Omenka Gallery, Ikoyi, Lagos to mark World Interiors Day. The show featured design pieces, art, craft and other areas of visual arts categorised as accessories in design parlance.
From paintings, miniature figural and abstract table pieces to ceramics and other works that either serve both decorative and functional purposes such as window blinds and mirrors, the show reflected the strong message that even in the period of distress, luxury could be an elixir.

Themed Finding The New In The Old, Tabansi stated, “the theme of the 2012 show challenges practitioners to look at our past as we prepare for the future.”

Indeed, the theme is more relevant in Nigeria, particularly in the corporate sector and highbrow private residence, which have zero local or native content in the designs of office and residential interiors as well as tour destinations such as hotels.

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