Sunday 10 June 2012

Hirst loses mother of three children to a war mercenary

Controversial artist, Damien Hirst and his partner of 19 years, Maia Norman, have parted ways.
  Norman, two years older than Hirst 47 and mother of the artist’s three children was reported to have left the relationship to start another life with a former war mercenary, Tim Spicer.
 According to The Mail on Sunday the world’s richest artist, Hirst has been left “devastated after Norman confessed the affair to him in the last week of May.” 
Hirst, in front of one of his most his popular works,
   It has been reported earlier that there was a drama-like situation in the U.S. as Norman pulled into the driveway of a Hollywood hotel after a 3, 000-mile rally, ignoring Hirst. The reports had it that in the presence of a crowd of more than 150 journalists and car enthusiasts, the California-born Norman, leaped out of her black Dodge Charger to passionately embrace Spicer, 59.

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