Wednesday 21 March 2012

Sharing birthday with a keeper of our looted cultural objects!

As i enjoyed my birthday yesterday with pleasant torrent of messages sent to my phone and on Facebook, i also got news that Madame Irina Antonova, one of the strong members of Bizot Group celebrates 90.
File Photo: Antonova on a bike-ride with actor, Jeremy Irons in front of Pushkin Museum
   Bizot is a discreet association of directors of leading museums across the world, who insists that looted cultural objects of African origins and others currently in western and other European countries are safer there. In fact, Bizot Group is seriously promoting what they describe as “universal museums.” They argue that most of these objects were stolen or looted when the claimants were not existing as nation states or countries they are today.

  This week, Bizot Group are converging in Russia to celebrate Antonova, and perhaps deliberate further on how to consolidate on the obnoxious universal museum concepts.

  Can't we stop the "universal museum" idea?

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