Thursday 15 September 2011

Adeola Balogun 2006

Balogun warns of The Seed Phenomena
By Tajudeen Sowole
(First published Marc 19, 2006)

AS the state of the nation appears to appeared to have confirmed the fears of those who predicted a failed nation state of  Nigeria, the analogy of seed sowing in nation building is the focus of a art exhibition by metal artist, Adeola Balogun.
About 20 works of Balogun  meant for the exhibition entitled The Seed Phenomena opens on Thursday, March 30 and end on Wednesday April 12, 2006 at the SADP Gallery, Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, (YABATECH) Lagos.
  At the preview aided by slide projection system, some of the works touch on social, political as well as inarticulate policy of governments.
  The artist started by explaining his concept of seedling as the young plant that has grown immediately from the seed. "The seed as a phenomena, is the beginning of a feeling or development, that is expeted to have a complete growth (maturity)," Balogun said.
  Works like The Abandoned Seed, Charity Seed and few others look at the productivity question of the country. First on the spot is the oil sector of the economy as the artist explain ed The Abandoned Seed in relation to the oil crisis in the country.
The refinery, Balogun said, represented by the precious looking brass of the work which  has a fusion of blue and reddish brown. "The oval shaped metal represents our reservoirs tanks) and the columnar forms is meant to depict the plexus of petroleum pipes"
  But seeds, from the artist's perspective is no respecter of intention. Whether or not we intend the end result, the seed would take its course as one will eventually reap, Balogun said.
  The Charity Seed,  a elongated work, symmetrical metal assemblage draws its inspiration from the old adage of  "Charity begins at home", the artist explained.  For a country that has a tradition, rightly or wrongly of helping neighboring countries, such a distortion, the works explained  is mere deception of reality. "We must be able to solve our problem in order to be capable with, care sincerity and fully equipped to help others," Balogun said.
Still on the seed as nemesis, Balogun said it is "metaphorical, the seed is used as causation, groundwork, origination, embryonic and  formation, adding that the seed can be as small as a spore or as big as a normal bean cake.
Balogun, the artist whose sculpture works include the statues of late sage Obafemi Awolowo on Allen Avenue Junction Ikeja and Brigadier Ademulegun in Ondo town, Ondo State, said the works for the exhibition took him close to three years to  three years to complete.
A lecturer at Yaba College of Technology, his past exhibitions include an exhibition of contemporary Nigerian art called Rejuvenation organised by the Society of Nigerian Aritsts, (SNA) held at  Mydrim Gallery, Lagos, last year,  Grillo At Seventy, a show in hornour of veteran artist, Yusuf Grillo,  at the S A. D. P. Gallery, Yusuf Grillo Complex, YABATECH,  also last year,  and  Egungun Masquerade, a source of inspiration for contemporary sculpture’ at Ekhenwan Campus, University of Benin, Benin City,  in  2004.

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