Wednesday 15 September 2021

Lagos gathering advises govt to protect artists

Signed by Dr. Kunle Adeyemi, Programme coordinator and dated September 14, 2021,

it's a Communique from the Art discussion titled: "Visual arts" Education Trajectories in Nigeria: Responding to its Receding Reality at the National Museum Onikan, Lagos, Nigeria. 

An Educative program put together by Art Alliance 51, a not for profit Art organization at the just concluded 2021 Art Arising festival of Arts. Penultimate September, 2021.

-Nigerias Education system should deliberately formulate  policy documents to protect the Visual Arts Profession

- Artists in all sphere of our economy, viz: Education, Media, Industries, Studio practice etc. should focus their attention on problem solving issues.

- Government funded Art agencies and the Society of Nigerian Artists should put up purposeful and workable regulations  to regulate Visual Arts practices.

- Educating leaders and office holders from the federal; states and local governments on the importance of Art Education in Social Development.

- Bureaucracy about the requirements involved in the study of Visual Arts in Nigerias higher institutions of learning should be flexible to accommodate Art or Science student provided he/she has 5 credits.

- Exploring Visual Arts to solve humanity problems (Art therapy, applied arts, vocational/technology/ICT imbued arts, animation, and the likes)

- Adaptation of African culture into our Visual Arts studies and practices will go a long way to project our potentials as Africans.

- Awarenesses should be created to let people who want to study Visual Arts get it right from the beginning.

- Artists and the Society of Nigerian Artists should take responsibilities of developing their careers by being part of policy makers in what ever human endeavour they found themselves.

- Arts should be withdrawn from the culture of our education that was based on administrative structure to a very pragmatic, technologically and ICT one.

- Artists should be more visible in the public space by putting up meaningful and problem solving Art shows and programmes on TV stations and other available media to allow Visual Arts to get to large audience at homes. 

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