Monday 7 May 2018

'Black Lives Matter' returns as six-month-art installation on historic Island

'Black Dada (Black Lives Matter)' by Adam Pendleton during Venice Art Biennale 2015.

The memory of  teenager, Trayvon Martin, killed in 2012, Florida by blood thirsty, George Zimmerman won't go away so soon, at least on art space. After artist, Adam Pendleton, 34, adapted the Black Lives Matter slogan - generated from the senseless shooting - for his show at Venice Biennale 2015, he is not done yet.

 Currently, the theme continues its spiral effect as an installation at historic site for Frieze New York art fair. In fact, 'Black Dada Flag (Black Lives Matter)' flag by Pendleton being mounted on
Randalls Island could pass for a monument given its trajectory. The Island, also known as Scylla Point used to be called Negro Point. For the next six months, Black Dada Flag (Black Lives Matter) will loom over the Island, not just physically,  but as a spiritual statement to haunt racists' souls.

With four solo exhibitions and an impressive new auction record,  Pendleton is no doubt an artist on the watch list. He made a record price of his “Black Dada” paintings sold at Christie's auction for $225,000, nearly four times the auction house's high estimate.

In 2002, at the age of 18, Pendleton came to New York from Virginia. Full of ambition, three years later, he joined the Yvon Lambert Gallery and had his first solo show titled 'Deeper Down There'. At the exhibition, he showed works that have been described as two-color canvases with silkscreened lines. The canvases depict modern African-American literature, music and paintings resembling enlarged record album covers. "Pendleton takes a coolly intellectual approach to hot subject matter", New York Times wrote in its review of the show. His work was likened to that of Glenn Ligon, Lawrence Weiner and Ed Ruscha, for its provocative reticence.'"

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