Wednesday 13 November 2013

U.S-based Nigerian actor, Anozie, is 'sucking blood'

Remember the Nigerian-born actor who had appeared in the HBO series Game of Thrones? Oh yes, his name is Nonso Anozie, 34, based in Lincoln, U.S. 

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Good or ‘bad’ news about him now is that he is currently an assistant to blood sucking Dracula. It’s the award-winning Anozie’s new role as Renfield in a major TV series described as “the Sky Living version of Dracula”.
Anozie graduated from Central School of Speech and Drama, London in 2002. His first exposure after school, according to his bio was a role in William Shakespeare's King Lear. With that feat at 22 he was recorded “as the youngest professional actor to play the role”. 

Anozie is a recipient of Ian Charleson Award, which he got for his performance in Othello, a Jowl Theatre Company production.

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