Tuesday 3 September 2013

Nigerian-born British actress and Bond Girl, Fiona, goes dancing

Remember the Nigerian-born British actress who played ‘Bond Girl’ in a 1985 movie A View To Kill? O yes, her name is Fiona Fullerton, and it seems she is making a come-back in another area of showbiz.
Fiona Fullerton with Roger Moore in A View To Kill
She tells Radiotimes.com of her search for a "strong, gorgeous and patient” dance partner. And like most actresses who had taken a Bond Girl role, post-007 movie career hardly took them beyond the excitement of having been a James Bond girl.  Really, it seems no Bond Girl has been able to break that jinx as Halle Berry. 

For Fullerton, one would only wish her blossom years ahead if she gets the “dance partner”. But age seems not exactly on her side.  
The daughter of Bernard and Pamela Fullerton, at the age of 15, Fiona played the title role in a 1972 film version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

At 19, she married actor Simon MacCorkindale , but the marriage collapsed in 1981. After 13 years of silence she met Neil Shackell, a computer marketing executive, through her cousin, Nigel Fullerton. The couple married shortly after meeting 

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