Saturday 23 June 2012

Weird art of body painting goes legal tussling

 As painters and photographers from 44 countries gather in Austria next month for World Bodypainting Festival, Zoe West, a New York nude model who posed in body painting for artist Andy Golub at Times Square files a legal suit against the city.
A body painting work of 2-piece jean and vest on a female model
  West claims her rights were violated when cops arrested her after a public body-painting project last year. Her lawyer, Ron Kuby argued “It is not illegal to be naked in New York as long as you are doing it for the purpose of a play, exhibition, performance or show.”
West, 22, posed at West 44th Street on Aug. 30, 2011. An hour later, some cops arrived and moved the multicolored human body (canvas) of West into a set of handcuffs, and out in a police van.
Without charges, she was released about two hours later.
A model of canvas-body during a bodypainting festival

And somewhere else, the World Bodypainting Festival 2012 is about to explode. HERE.

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